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Grateful Dead Bears

Grateful Dead Bears

Each Grateful Dead Bean Bear has a laminated tag with their name, birthday concert, and a tour memory.
Rare and retired bears are in stock and ready to ship out to complete your collection.

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  • BUTTERFLY Grateful Dead Bear

    BUTTERFLY Grateful Dead BearBUTTERFLY Grateful Dead Bear



  • CHERISE Grateful Dead Bear

    CHERISE Grateful Dead BearCHERISE Grateful Dead Bear



  • King Bee w/ Black Ant. Grateful Dead Bear

    King Bee w/ Black Ant. Grateful Dead Bear



  • LIL' LOVE GD 5" Plush

    LIL' LOVE GD 5" Plush



  • LIL' SUGAR GD 5" Plush

    LIL' SUGAR GD 5" PlushLIL' SUGAR GD 5" PlushLIL' SUGAR GD 5" Plush



  • SUNFLOWER Grateful Dead Bear

    SUNFLOWER Grateful Dead BearSUNFLOWER Grateful Dead Bear



  • VEGAS Limited Edition Bear

    VEGAS Limited Edition Bear



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