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Egyptian Statuettes

Egyptian Art Statue Statuette King Tut Nefertiti Pyramid gift hieroglyphics symbol Mummy ancient Mythology Mau hieroglyphs artifact writingOur Egyptian Statuettes may look like ancient artifacts, but we think you'll enjoy their polyresin composition as it's much lighter and far more affordable than the golden originals.


Also, we guarantee that our figurines are 100% curse free. We can't say the same about our competitors.


Wholesale buyers click here to sign up and see all the Egyptian Figurine styles available at wholesale pricing.

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  • Amon Egyptian Statue

    Amon Egyptian StatueAmon Egyptian Statue



  • Egyptian Amenophis II Statuette

    Egyptian Amenophis II StatuetteEgyptian Amenophis II Statuette



  • Egyptian Amun Statuette

    Egyptian Amun StatuetteEgyptian Amun Statuette



  • Egyptian Horus Statuette

    Egyptian Horus StatuetteEgyptian Horus Statuette



  • Egyptian Kafre w/ Meresankh II Statuette

    Egyptian Kafre w/ Meresankh II StatuetteEgyptian Kafre w/ Meresankh II Statuette



  • Egyptian Nefertiti Bust 9inch Statuette

    Egyptian Nefertiti Bust 9inch StatuetteEgyptian Nefertiti Bust 9inch Statuette



  • Egyptian Round King Tut Mirror Statuette

    Egyptian Round King Tut Mirror Statuette



  • Horus Egyptian Statuette

    Horus Egyptian StatuetteHorus Egyptian Statuette



  • King Tut Egyptian Statue

    King Tut Egyptian Statue



  • Thoto Egyptian Statuette

    Thoto Egyptian StatuetteThoto Egyptian Statuette



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