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Grateful Dead Flight Pilot Wing Pins

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Rockwings are the brainchild of the Wing Man himself: Dale Collier, a Deadhead and pilot, who has flown for the good ol’ Grateful Dead.

In the Grateful Dead parking lot there are many ways you can earn your wings.  Experienced heads know when they must bestow the proper pin to the  deserving head*.  Who do you know that has earned their wings?

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*these pins are intendeded to be given as gifts. You could buy one for your self but everytime you look at it you would know that you should have earned your wings and had them bestowed in the sacred pinning on of pins ceremony.  Eventually the guilt and personal embarrasment will be so great you will eventually give the pin away to a deserving head.  It will be then that your soul will be in harmony with the great Grateful Dead Spirit and the warm psychedelic glow of the family will embiggen your mind forever.

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