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Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint - Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

Fabric Spray Paint Chairs and Sofas Upholstery Paint

30 Items in Upholstery Fabric Paint

Upholstery Can Color Chart
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1 can for 3 office chairs.

1 can for small chair.

3 cans for small cubicle.

6 cans for a recliner.

12 cans for a couch.

6-12 cans for a car interior.

This is a basic guide.  Coverage varies to usage, fabric color, material and size of project.  To use less paint we suggest multiple light coats.  Let each coat dry 30 minutes. 

Furniture still sturdy but faded?  Shocked by high upholstering costs?  Is your car's interior a bit dingy? 

Just spray paint it.  Do it yourself and save. 

You can transform your favorite old faded couch, loveseat, recliner, patio chairs, awnings or auto interior quickly and easily.  Perfect for used office furniture and cubicles.  Paint dries permanent, will not crack or peel and cleans up easily.  The special upholstery formula uses a food safe gas as a propellant so it conforms with ASTM-D 4236 and is non-toxic.  Used by professional furniture and rug restoration companies to restore and renew carpets and upholstered cushions.

So what are you waiting for?  Try some fabric paint today.

Fabric Spray Paint Chairs and Sofas Upholstery Paint     Fabric Spray Paint Yard Chart