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   The original American made refillable lighter. 

Zippos can only ship to US Addresses.

Wondering where to buy wholesale Zippos? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Your selection includes everything from the most basic versions to complex engraved styles, a wide variety of printed graphics and reproductions of classic vintage styles. You can also find designs by artists such as Kit Rae and Mazzi. Zippo accessories such as flints, cases, and wicks are also available.

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There is a minimum order on Zippo Lighters of $200.00 Order minimum of 3 lighters per style.

wholesale Zippo lighters display resale distributor Sunshine JoyWholesale Zippo lighters distributor display resell lighter

Displays are available at no charge, upon request, with orders of 45 lighters or more. Limit one per customer. Ask your rep for details.

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Wholesale Zippo Lighters. Complete 2013 Zippo collection available wholesale.

FREE ZIPPO DISPLAYS AVAILABLE.  Low wholesale Zippo lighter prices.

Minimum Zippo Wholesale Order $200 and 3 pieces per style.


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All Zippo products are covered by the famous Zippo lifetime guarantee: “It works or we fix it free”™ How to send your Zippo product for repair (and tips for its safe travel): Package product(s) securely in an oversized box or padded envelope (large packages are less likely to be lost or mislaid). Include name, address and telephone number on a note inside the package, as well as the complete return address on the outside of the package. Do not attach anything directly to the product, including: Address labels or tape. Rubber bands. Safety or straight pins in the package. (All of these can cause damage to the finish of your Zippo product). The Zippo Repair Department performs excellent repairs at no charge. Please do not attempt to perform repairs yourself, as it could damage the product beyond repair. Do not attempt to re-glue emblems yourself as the product may be further damaged in an attempt to remove the glue. Lighters: Remove the flint from the lighter, and allow the fuel inside the lighting mechanism to evaporate for two or three days before mailing.