Sun Wave Indian Tapestry 60x90 Surf Sun Tapestry Beach Blanket with loops [75170] - $27.95 : SunShine Joy

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Sun Wave Indian Tapestry 60x90

Sun Wave Indian Tapestry 60x90

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Item # 75170

The Perfect Wave

Surfers are always looking for the perfect break.  This tapestry is intended to make you want to get out and surf.  Hang this on your wall for a beautiful sunny day at the beach all year round.

This 100% cotton tapestry also doubles as the world's best beach blanket.  Specially designed with corner loops so you can stake it down on the beach preventing the wind from blowing it away.  You can also tie it up to block the sun.  Lightweight and easily stowable.  Naturally fast drying. 

When you are not being a beach bum it can be used as a wall hanging, room divider, bed sheet, or window curtain. It is equipped with specially-designed loops to accommodate easy support from a wall, window frame, or ceiling.
Measures approximately 90" x 60".
Made in India.
Brought To You By Sunshine Joy.

Just so there’s no confusion, our tapestries are printed not quilted or woven; they’re designed as wall hangings and not as fitted sheets, so they designed to hang them from walls rather than elastic bands to fix them to sheets. That said, they still look cool as Indian-style bed spreads.

 Additionally, our tapestries should not be used as parachutes or flotation devices, are not approved by the American Dental Association, and do not include batteries.

 However, they do make great beach and picnic blankets, sun canopies, super-hero capes (powers not included), togas, ceiling décor, couch covers, window curtains, and contain less sodium than the leading brand.

Please Note: Our tapestries are printed on the front side only