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Cheech & Chong Get It Legal Bandana Black

Price:  $5.00
Model: 52503
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Cheech & Chong® Get It Legal Black Bandana 21x21


Manufactured by traditional methods in India, our bandanas made from luxurious, 100% cotton and their vibrant, intricate printing is soft to the touch. Whether you wear one as a fashionable accessory or use a set as decorative wall hangings, our bandanas bring a touch of panache to any situation.
Bandana Size  21 inches x 21 inches. Please see the size tab for more information.
Please Note: Our bandanas are printed on the front side only


Bandana Measurements

Approximately 21 inches by 21 inches.


Other Sizing Options Available:


   Cheech & Chong®
Can Am Marijuana Leaf Flag
Tapestry 60x90

  Cheech & Chong®
US Flag Tapestry 60x90
Cheech & Chong Tapestry Cheech & Chong Tapestry


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