How Our Tapestries are Printed

We’ve received many questions asking Who makes your tapestries? and How are they made? Well, to answer your questions we went all the way to India. Scroll down to see the process.





All of Sunshine Joy's tapestries are transported by camel.

Before they are shipped out of Nhava Sheva, India to Boston and then our headquarters in Woonsocket, RI, our tapestries are transported by camel. Camels are used because they are surefooted, hardy, and able to navigate narrow dirt roads that are inaccessible by car or truck.



The power loom where they make the fabric.

Every tapestry starts off as cotton thread which is woven together into cloth by a powerloom.



As you can see above, much of the work is done outside. The newly washed cotton sheets drying in the sun help create cold air making this one of the coolest places in India.



This artist is touching up some tapestry designs which will been made into a series of screens that will be used in the printed process.



These workers are laying out the artwork to make the screens.



Rocks are used to hold the tapestries down.



This is our wonderful host and one of twelve of the screens for our new Obama Peace Tapestry.



Teamwork printing: These guys throw that double-handled squeegee back and forth at each other.



These tables are made of wax and are used to to hold the fabric down. There is a guy who skates barefoot to smooth out the wrinkles.  Again, the drying sheets make this very comfortable place to work.



This is the factory most of Sunshine Joy's designs are printed at.

This is the factory where most of Sunshine Joy®'s designs are printed.



Here they set the print and wash.  



The sunshine is best for fixing the colors.



 All the water is heated by wood and treated before being recycled in the farmland.

All the water used in the printing process is heated by wood and treated before being recycled in the farmland.



Here are some tapestries drying on a roof top.



 Actually, many of the buildings in this area had tapestries drying on the roof.



Finished tapestries on the way to Sunshine Joy.

Finally the finished tapestries are pulled away by camel to start their long journey on their way to Sunshine Joy®. And that's the where and the how folks, we hope you enjoyed the photos.



But wait!
We've got one more.


Here's Greg—a little Bhanged up—playing Man Chali on the sousaphone.

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