About Us

Sunshine Joy® specializes in wholesale and retail tapestries, bandanas, good vibe gifts, licensed Grateful Dead,Pink Floyd, Woodstock, Coexist, and Cheech & Chong products as well as a wide array of tie-dye clothing. We also distribute Simply Spray fabric paint, Zippo lighters, and Gonesh incense.

Sunshine Joy officially opened its doors in 2002, but it started years before in the mind of its founder, Gregory Burbank, while he was selling tie-dyes in a lot in 1987 (details canbe found in the book, Everything I Learned About Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead).

Since then, the idea for sharing quality, authentic and entertaining gifts with a genuine focus upon customer service and experience, has expanded into creating and designing intense tapestries and offering custom tie-dye, tapestries, bandanas and scarves to stores and vendors.

We look forward to working with you to bring you the best hippie wholesale experience you can imagine.