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Air Mattress & Futon Covers

Fits a queen size air mattress with dimensions:
60 x 8.75 x 80 inches (W x H x L)

The Sunshine Joy® Air Mattress and Futon Cover protects your air mattress from dirt and sweat. It’s great to use for camping, festival-going, picnics, dorm rooms, and at home in the spare bedroom. It fits a queen size air mattress with room to spare. This cover stays on all night, unlike a regular sheet. It’s mighty colorful, designed for sweet dreams. If you have ever woken up in a hot festival tent with a sweaty air mattress stuck to your face, this is for you.

The covers have extra room in them so you can easily fit your air mattress. We recommend inserting the mattress while it's deflated and then filling your mattress up with air. The flap at the opening tucks underneath to secure the mattress inside.  We made these to be larger than the mattress for stress-free use.

100% cotton • Machine Washable • Made in India.

Air Mattress Covers

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