Why is Gonesh the Best

gonesh incense display

Gonesh incense uses a combination of charcoal and fragrant oil. Because the charcoal acts as a sponge and absorbs the fragrant oils, it burns with clean, rich aromas rather than with a pulpy wood smell.


Gonesh Incense Is Easy to Display

Its packaging is designed so cones, sticks and incense burners can be displayed on the same prong. Display fixtures are available and your sales representative can help you find the free display package that best fits your store.


Gonesh Incense Packages Do Not Smell

Many shop owners are annoyed by overpowering co-mingled scents and avoid incense, however, with Gonesh you can carry incense without smelling it. We hermetically seal the sticks before they are completely dry; this prevents vaporization and keeps the liquid fresh.


Gonesh Incense Is Affordable

For wholesale customers Sunshine Joy automaticly gives the 36 dozen wholesale price break regardless of what you order. 


Store owners sign up for a wholesale log in to see wholesale prices.


Relive the Past

Memories are triggered by scents and Gonesh is made the same way now as it was in the 60's, so it smells the same now as it did then.


Gonesh Incense Sells

Gonesh incense is a destination item: people will come in to your store to get their favorite Gonesh scent. Once someone has experienced the long lasting superior fragrance of Gonesh they are lifelong customers.

All you have to do is order to reap the benefits of this great selling line.


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