Sunshine Joy's Exclusive 3-D Tapestries

Sunshine Joy’s 3-D Tapestries take beautiful, large-scale art and design into another dimension.


You stare at your new Sunshine Joy tapestry intently as it hangs on your wall. You marvel at its intricate and well-crafted design and love the beauty it brings to your environment. The colors and artwork are inspiring. One would never expect anything more from this printed fabric.  


But then, you break out Sunshine Joy’s 3-D Glasses and WOW. You have gone deep down through the rabbit hole and into another dimension. It appears that you can get your hands behind the colors, and it’s fun watching your friends do just that.


A mix of traditional, modern and psychedelic designs brought to life
through new three-dimensional technologies, these designs look beautiful to
the naked eye and incredible with our 3-D glasses.


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3D Eclipse Tapestry 60X90


3-D Skull Tapestry 60x90


3-D Paper Glasses


3D Fire Biker Tapestry 60X90


3D Lord Necio Tapestry 60X90


3D Yes Yes Yes No No No Tapestry 60x90

MSRP: $31.95
Our Price: $31.95 

3D Epic Surf Tapestry 60x90


Displaying 1 to 50 (of 75 products)
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