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  • Coexist Tolerance Large Bumper Sticker
Coexist Tolerance Large Bumper Sticker

Coexist Tolerance Large Bumper Sticker

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Tolerance Symbolglyph Sticker Coexist symbol design inspired a whole series of what we call "Symbolglyph" words. Among all the positive words we have put forth in this fashion, the most popular beside our Coexist is our Tolerance design. The Tolerance Symbolglyph incorporates 9 symbols:     T - The Christian Cross. o - The ubiquitous peace sign. l - A Native American peace pipe. Used by natives to smoke tobacco and other herbs for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. e - Peacemonger's original equality 'e.' A male and female symbol are attached to the e to represent equality between the sexes. r - Kokopelli, a Hopi fertility god dances and plays his flute beneath the arch of the 'r.' a - The Jewish Star of David represents the 'a.' n - Made to look like a door, with a 9 point Baha'i star on the front. c - The crescent moon and star associated with both Islam and the Greek moon goddess Diana. e - The second 'e' is formed into Einstein's famous equation E=mc², giving science a harmonious place among religions.   This purple and white Bumper Sticker features the word "Tolerance" spelled with religious symbols, and the words "Believe in it."   This Bumper Sticker measures 10.5 x 3 inches


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